During these uncertain times, Unique Assembly & Decorating is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees while remaining a viable supplier to our customers. Therefore, Unique will remain open during the State of Illinois “Shelter In Place” order asking that all non-essential businesses close. We supply components to many essential businesses that need to remain open in order to maintain critical infrastructure. As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, we have implemented protocols to ensure that our operations proceed at the highest standards. These precautions allow us to continue our work, while keeping at the forefront the safety and well-being of our employee family.

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Of our product decorating services, pad printing is the most versatile process that we offer.  As the leaders in the pad printing industry, we provide a full array of pad printing services - single color, in-line multicolor pad printing, rotational pad printing, and automation for high volume pad printing projects. With pad printing, we can decorate nearly any rigid material type or shape.

Since our operations began in 1993, Unique has worked very hard to be the leading provider of pad printing services.  We offer a full array of pad printing services - multicolor pad printing (5-color spot and 4-color process), single color pad printing, automation for high volume pad printing projects, and rotational pad printing.  Of the product decorating services that we offer, pad printing is definitely the most versatile. With pad printing, we can print nearly any rigid shape including parts that are flat, round, concave, or convex.  Using both conventional and UV inks, pad printing is compatible with nearly all rigid material - including plastic, glass, metal, wood, ceramics and most painted or coated surfaces. We provide pad printing services throughout the United States and Canada.  No matter where our customers are located, they have come to rely on our expert staff and our knowledge of the pad printing process. Pad Printing Capabilities:

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