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Combining Product Decorating Processes

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  • Combining Product Decorating Processes
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Combining Product Decorating Processes to Match Customer Needs

Nearly twenty-one years ago, Unique Assembly & Decorating, Inc. opened for business with a rented 1-color pad printer, one drying tunnel and one customer. From these humble beginnings, we have grown to occupy a 20,000 square feet facility and offer much more than just 1-color pad printing.

As our business grew and our customer base diversified, we added screen printing, hot stamping, and industrial digital ink jet printing to our list of product decorating services. Our expanded ability to better serve the needs of existing customers also put us in a better position to attract and service new customers.

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By offering pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping and industrial digital inkjet printing, we are able to provide the best product decorating solution, which is also often the most economical. In other words, by having all of these product decorating options, we do not have to “shoe-horn” a customer’s project into one decorating process because that is all that we offer.

1 Guitar Pedal – 2 Product Decorating Process

Recently, we were approached by an electronics manufacturer to quote the printing for a 6” x 9” powder coated guitar pedal. The printing required two 1-color screen printed images for the port markings and one 4-color company logo that we pad printed in one pass using our multicolor pad printing machine. By having both pad printing and screen printing capability we were able to print the parts exactly as the end user had envisioned it, at the best possible cost.

Our customers truly benefit from our ability to offer more than one product decorating service for their project. At Unique, we take pride in finding the best solutions to a customer’s decorating needs, and we’d like to learn more your needs.

Please call us to discuss or send us or email detailing a current project or a new project that you are working on, and let us show you our inventive solution.

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