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Solve Your Unique Pad Printing Problems

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  • Solve Your Unique Pad Printing Problems
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Want to solve your pad printing problems? Take a look at Unique Assembly & Decorating's blog post on Solving Unique Pad Printing Problems. Click here!

The best way to earn business from a new customer is to solve a problem. When a medical manufacturer approached us with a high volume pad printing project for a medical device with hopes of reducing the production time for the current process and decreasing the overall product decorating cost, we knew exactly what needed to be done for both companies to win the job. With creative tooling design for both a single color pad printer and a multicolor pad printer, we were able to reduce the decorating cost, decrease the pad printing production time, and provide a better print quality than the end user was currently receiving.

The medical manufacturer was bidding on a project that was already in production. The end user put the job out to bid in hopes of reducing the overall production cost. The pad printing requirements were: an opaque band of color 360 degrees around a cylindrical collar on the parts; a one color part number in two locations on opposite sides of this color band; and a company logo in a third location.

The current vendor was using a one color pad printer to print the band in three passes, with each pass requiring multiple hits to achieve the desired opacity. To improve this process, we custom designed tooling to pad print this 360 degree band on the part in a single pass. Click here to see a video of this rotational pad printing process.

The current vendor was also pad printing the two part number locations and the company logo in three separate passes using 1-color pad printers. We custom-designed tooling for a multicolor pad printer to print these three locations in a single pass. Click here to see a video of this operation.

We cut the labor and production time in half for the pad printing requirements, and our rotational pad printing solution resulted in a more opaque and more consistent band compared to the overlapping three sections the current vendor was producing. With our creative tooling design, we were able to reduce the pad printing production time and provide better pad print quality for about half the cost. At Unique, we take pride in finding the best solutions to a customer’s decorating needs and we’d like to learn more about product decorating problems. Send us an email detailing a current project that is causing you headaches, or a new project that you are working on, and let us show you our inventive solution.


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