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Why Choose a Contract Pad Printer?

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  • Why Choose a Contract Pad Printer?
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For many injection molders, OEMs, and product manufacturers, choosing whether to decorate parts in-house or outsource is a big decision. Let us help!

Contract Pad Printing vs. In-House Printing

For many product manufacturers, choosing whether to decorate parts in-house or outsource is a big decision. While it may seem more cost-effective to have the product manufacturing and product decorating under one roof, we often find that companies save in the long run by outsourcing to a contract product decorator.  

Reasons to Choose a Contract Printer

Below are some of the reasons why our customers have chosen to outsource their product decorating operations:

  • Experience:  With over 25 years of experience in product decorating, we work directly with each customer and each project to recommend the best product decorating solution - e.g. pad printing vs. screen printing or hot stamping vs. heat transfer decal decorating
  • Cost-Effective: Because of our expertise and our command and control over the various product decorating options, we can recommend the most cost-effective printing method for your project.  By offering pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping, heat transfer decal decorating, and digital inkjet printing, our customers are not forced into choosing from one or two decorating options.
  • Consistent quality:  We have over thirty trained product decorating employees in our company which allows us to move our experienced labor pool around to fulfill the needs of each day. The same is true regarding equipment. We have multiple pieces of the same product decorating equipment for each decorating process that we provide.  This capacity allows us to continue production with little to no interruption if we encounter equipment issues. 
  • Fixed Decorating Cost:  Our experience eliminates downtime.  There are variables that occur with product decorating that must be managed throughout the day.  Our experienced operators can do that effectively; therefore, our production increases.  On the other hand, for an inexperienced operator, those same variables can lead to downtime and decreased production.  That is not to say our operators do not experience downtime / lower production rates – of course they do.  However, with a fixed cost / quoted price for each project, our customers are insulated from any unexpected costs.
  • Ability to print on difficult materials: In addition to printing on standard plastic, glass, and metal parts, we also have the capability to print on more difficult materials such as polypropylene, acetal, Delrin, silicone, and others. This can save your team the hassle of trying to work with more challenging materials.

Work with Unique Assembly & Decorating Inc

If you are an injection molding company, product manufacturer, or an OEM that has product decorating capabilities, outsourcing your next project may be a good option. To get started on this, please request a quote from Unique Assembly & Decorating today!

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