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Custom Hot Stamping

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hot-stamping-curve-surface-plastic-cosmetic-industry.jpg Hot Stamping, Curved Surface, Plastic, Cosmetic Industry

Hot stamping can be a cost-effective way to decorate parts with an impressive, high-quality appearance. Materials such as plastic, leather, and wood can all be decorated using the hot stamping method, including raised area or just applying an image to a flat partThe attention-grabbing effect this process offers is not achievable with pad printing or screen printing inks. Unique is able to provide custom hot stamping or foil stamping for large, bulk, and high volume orders.  For example, we have successfully automated the hot stamping process for an automotive component, an electrical component, and a bottle collar for a high-end suntan lotion bottle for the health and beauty industry.

For high volume hot stamping projects, we can equip our hot stamping machines with a 4-station dial table to increase our output and decrease decorating cost. Using this automation, we are able to utilize go / no indicators to ensure the part is properly loaded and automatically eject the parts bulk in the original packaging. 

What is Hot / Foil Stamping?

hot-stamping-tipping-raised-area-automotive-industry.jpg Hot Stamping, Tipping Raised Area, Automotive Industry

Hot stamping (or foil stamping) is a dry process that uses heat and pressure to transfer reflective metallic foil and high gloss opaque colored foil to the part. It is also the process used to decorate raised areas and is also known as tipping. In this process, the pigment or metallic foil is transferred to raised letters or a raised area of a plastic part. Because hot stamping is a dry process (unlike screen printing or pad printing), decorated parts can easily be bulk packed on-line with fewer concerns about damage to the decorated image -- this can save on packaging and handling costs. Polypropylene and polyethylene parts can typically be hot stamped without pretreatment which provides cost savings over pad printing and screen printing.


Hot Stamping for the Cosmetics Industry

Hot stamping is a great option for customers in the cosmetics industry due to its cost-effectiveness. At Unique, we have over 20 years experience printing on a range of cosmetic products, including skincare products, lipstick& mascara tubes, perfume & cologne bottles, and cosmetic tottles (tubes + bottles).  Hot/foil stamping can provide an impressive appearance for your product at a relatively low cost. 

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