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Custom Hot Stamping

As a leading provider of custom hot stamping services, hot stamping from Unique can be a cost-effective way to decorate parts with an impressive, high-quality appearance with both standard foil colors and reflective silver, gold, and hologram foils. Hot stamping is typically used for plastic parts, wooden parts, and leather goods. We can hot rigid flat open areas, raised areas and raised text, and even rigid contoured areas using custom contoured dies. For example, with hot stamping, you can hot stamp a logo on the side of a wooden napkin holder, hot stamp/tip the raised text of a plastic radiator cap, or hot stamp text in eye-catching reflective silver a contoured collar of a bottle for the cosmetic industry.

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Materials such as plastic, leather, and wood can all be decorated using the hot stamping method. With hot stamping, we can emboss an image into a part without using foil, we can tip a raised area or letters using standard or customer colored foil. Using contoured dies and proper tooling, we can even hot stamp part with compound curvature. The attention-grabbing effect of reflective foil offers is not achievable with pad printing or screen printing inks. Hot stamping is a great option for polypropylene and polyethylene parts. When hot stamping these materials, pre-treatment is often not required which reduces the decorating cost.

Hot Stamping at Unique

Unique can provide custom hot stamping or foil stamping for small and high-volume orders. For example, we have successfully automated the hot stamping process for automotive components, electrical components, and bottle collars for a high-end suntan lotion bottle for the health and beauty industry. For high volume hot stamping projects, we can equip our hot stamping machines with a 4-station dial table to increase our output and decrease decorating cost. Using this automation, we utilize go / no indicators to ensure the part is properly loaded and automatically ejects the bulk of the parts in the original packaging. 

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  • Impressive results from both standard foil colors and reflective silver, gold, and hologram foils.
  • Embossing, tipping, and standard hot stamping
  • Cost-effective decorating for flat and curved surfaces
  • Automation is available for high volume projects.   

Surface Types and Irregular Shapes

We can print nearly any rigid shape including parts that are flat, round, concave, or convex. We are able to work with customers who would like a custom design, and we have the capability to handle large quantity orders with quick turnaround time.

Cosmetic Plastic Bottles, Lipbalms, and Caps

What is Hot Stamping for the Cosmetics Industry?

Hot stamping is a great option for customers in the cosmetics industry due to its cost-effectiveness. At Unique, we have over 20 years of experience printing on a range of cosmetic products, including skincare products, lipstick& mascara tubes, perfume & cologne bottles, and cosmetic tottles (tubes + bottles). Hot/foil stamping can provide an impressive appearance for your product at a relatively low cost. 

Do you want to know if foil stamping services are right for your project? Contact Unique Assembly today to speak with a knowledgeable printing specialist. 

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