During these uncertain times, Unique Assembly & Decorating is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees while remaining a viable supplier to our customers. Therefore, Unique will remain open during the State of Illinois “Shelter In Place” order asking that all non-essential businesses close. We supply components to many essential businesses that need to remain open in order to maintain critical infrastructure. As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, we have implemented protocols to ensure that our operations proceed at the highest standards. These precautions allow us to continue our work, while keeping at the forefront the safety and well-being of our employee family.

Medical Industry Printing

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Unique proudly serves the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We follow detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) to maintain the highest level of process control, overall organization and white room cleanliness to ensure the integrity of each medical device printing project. 

Controlled Environment for Pad Printing

In order to serve the medical / healthcare / pharmaceutical industry, we have added a controlled environment White Room for screen printing, hot stamping, or pad printing medical devices. To meet the controlled White Room environment standards needed for medical printing, we made the following improvements to one of our enclosed climate-controlled printing rooms: the floor and walls were sealed and painted, high tact mats were placed at the entrances, no corrugated boxes or materials are allowed inside the room and all personnel inside the room are required to wear Tyvex coats, hair nets, beard covers and rubber gloves. Also, traffic inside the room is limited to the necessary operators, supervisors, and quality control personnel. All of these measures are put in place to create a clean environment to screen print, hot stamp or pad print medical devices.

Printing on Medical Parts

Below is a list of the common medical devices we are able to print:

  • Dose ring
  • Flow tubes
  • Syringes
  • Medical housing/plastic housing
  • Suture cases
  • Bottles and pharmaceutical containers
  • Medical oxygen containers
  • Surgical tools
  • Biomedical devices
  • Dental products 





Quality Control & Cleanliness

In addition, we follow detailed standard operating procedures to maintain the room's cleanliness, to create work area separation, and to perform line clearances to ensure the separation and integrity of each medical device printing project. Lastly, Unique works closely with each customer to develop a specific SQP (supplier quality plan) that outlines the step-by-step procedures for receiving, setting up the pad printing, hot stamping or screen printing process, in-process inspection, and final inspection for each medical device printing project. This detailed quality plan ensures that these hot-stamped, screen printed, or pad printed medical devices will meet or exceed the quality standards of each project.


"There has been good feedback on the quality of the printing!! 'Crisp and Clear' which is a welcome change to our experience over the last two years with our previous vendor."

Mike – Senior Buyer, Electronic / Medical Device Manufacturer