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Screen Printing on Plastic Parts

At Unique Assembly & Decorating, we offer screen printing for both flat and cylindrical solid-surface parts, and we are able to take on screen printing for large quantity and bulk orders. With screen printing, we are able to apply large opaque images on light, dark, and clear substrates such as plastic, glass, metal parts and most painted and powder coated surfaces. 

What is Screen Printing? 

Screen printing, or sometimes referred to as silkscreen printing, is a wet process in which flat or cylindrical plastic, glass, metal, or wooden parts can be decorated. Images are transferred directly onto the part by pressing ink though the image “burned” into a screen. For both flat screen printing and cylindrical screen printing, multicolor images are achievable but require one pass for each color. 

When a project requires a large image printed on a flat surface or a large or two-sided image on a cylindrical part, screen printing is not only the most economical solution – but screen printing also provides the best results. Depending on the project requirements, we offer both conventional screen printing ink and UV silk screen printing ink. More so than with pad printing, screen printing ink provides extremely opaque images on light, dark, and clear substrates in just one pass.

Regardless of the project requirements, Unique has become a trusted screen printing company for nearly any rigid substrate and for nearly every industry.

"I saw the printed parts while waiting to board the plane. They ROCK! This is exactly what we needed to show potential customers! You guys crushed it! "

Mark – Owner, Product Inventor / Manufacturer