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High Volume Pad Printing

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Automated Pad Printing - Metal Surface

Based on our customer feedback, Unique's ability to incorporate automation for high volume pad printing orders often separates us from the competition. The use of automation, combined with creative tooling concepts that are designed and manufactured in-house, allows for decreased decorating and tooling cost. These cost savings gives our customers an edge for large-order, highly competitive pad printing projects.

Automated Pad Printing for Large Orders

For higher volume pad printing projects, Unique has invested in several types of basic automation to increase output and decrease the decorating cost: 4-station dial tables, 6-station dial tables, and 10-station tables. By having this automation, the customer need only invest in the required tooling – not the automation – thus reducing the customer’s initial investment.

4 & 6 Station Dial Tables

Automated Pad PrintingThe 4 and 6 station dial tables can be tied to our single color pad printers. For example, with the 4-station dials, we automated an injector barrel project for a medical product manufacturer and a silicone seal project for a large equipment manufacturer. With 6-station dial tables, we were able to put pretreatment, UV cure, and an automatic eject in-line for a syringe project, and we were able to put an automated part loader, a part position verification station, camera-assisted visual inspection, and an automatic eject all in-line for the medical component manufacturer.

10 Station Dial Tables

The 10 station tables can be tied to our “combi” style pad printing machines which can be set up for one color or multicolor projects. Using these automated combi pad printers, we have produced millions of single color and multicolor images for the health and beauty industry, the Miller Brewing Co, the NFL, and a dental product manufacturer to name a few.

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