During these uncertain times, Unique Assembly & Decorating is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees while remaining a viable supplier to our customers. Therefore, Unique will remain open during the State of Illinois “Shelter In Place” order asking that all non-essential businesses close. We supply components to many essential businesses that need to remain open in order to maintain critical infrastructure. As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, we have implemented protocols to ensure that our operations proceed at the highest standards. These precautions allow us to continue our work, while keeping at the forefront the safety and well-being of our employee family.

Printing on Glass Products

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Screen & Pad Printing on Glass

Unique Assembly & Decorating offers a range of product printing possibilities for printing flat, cylindrical, and contoured glass objects. We have a proven track record for ink adhesion, durability, and cost-effectiveness of all finished glass products. Using ink designed specifically to adhere to glass parts, we are capable of pad printing, screen printing, or industrial digital inkjet printing a variety of glass parts. We have experience printing on the following:

The key factor to judging a glass printing provider is what printing options are available to you as the customer. Meaning, in addition to traditional screen printing on flat and cylindrical glass parts, Unique can offer pad printing on round and contoured glass items. Or, if you need only one or two large glass panels with a large multicolor image, we have industrial digital inkjet printing as an option. 

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Logo Printing for Glass Parts

At Unique, we are able to print logos and other imagery on glass using the following printing methods:

  • Pad Printing:  This may be the right choice for your part if it only requires a one sided or one location image, contains a multicolor image or has complex curvature and contours.
  • Screen Printing: We recommend screen printing for single color projects or projects requiring a heavier, opaque ink.
  • Industrial Digital Inkjet Printing: This printing method is an economical option, eliminating all setup costs associated with films, screens, or printing plates. With four color process printing, digital printing provides a limitless number of colors for your project.


"Since beginning a relationship with the staff at Unique Assembly & Decorating, our confidence in their ability to perform tasks to our standards and on time have now surpasses our expectations. "