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Single Color Pad Printing Services

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Unique Assembly & Decorating offers single color (also referred to as one color or 1-color) pad printing. Whether you need a high volume of plastic injection molded parts,  automotive components, medical devices with multiple print locations, or a product line of glass perfume bottles, we’ll provide the most cost effective custom pad printing service and solution for your single color pad printing project. 

For single color pad printing projects, we have many different sizes and types of 1-color pad printing equipment and machines available to suit your needs. Having a variety of 1-color pad printers enables us to match the right equipment with your product decorating needs. In addition, we offer in-house automated solutions to provide cost effective pad printing solutions and services for your high volume orders. With a facility including both open well and sealed cup pad printing equipment capable of producing consistent images at fast rates, the design of each pad printer creates advantages for certain projects.


Is single color pad printing right for my project?

This may be the most cost effective and best option for your printing project if:

  • Your image size is 5" diameter or smaller for standard sealed cup pad printing.
  • Your image size is approximately 2” tall x 24” for our cup slide pad printers that allow us to pad print these wider images for projects not suitable for screen printing – such as the decorating area be near to a vertical wall or vertical obstruction. 
  • The decorating area is raised or recessed.
  • The decorating area has complex curvature, concave, or convex.
  • The decorating area is near a vertical wall or vertical obstruction.

Reach out to us today to discuss your high volume rigid project and see if our single color pad printing services is the right fit for your unique project.

Single Color Pad PrintingOne Color Pad Printing

Video Demo of Single Color Pad Printing

Open Well Pad Printing

This single color, or one color, pad printing equipment represents older pad printing technology, but Open Well pad printers still have a place in today’s custom decorating facilities. For example single color pad printing projects with multiple images on the same part are a good fit for our Open Well pad printers. The Open Well design allows for quicker change overs than with Sealed Cup pad printers. The design of the machine allows our operators to change from image to image with little down time. Less down time equals savings to the customer, especially for high volume orders!

Sealed Cup Pad Printing

The Sealed Cup (sometimes referred to as closed cup) for single color or one color pad printing design is newer pad printing technology where the ink is sealed in a cup, as the name suggests. Since the ink in these pad printers is sealed, it remains at the proper viscosity for a longer period of time. Therefore, the operator spends less time maintaining the ink, which results in higher output. Again, higher pad printing output equals savings to the customer, especially for larger quantity orders.

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