Automotive Pad Printing Services

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At Unique Assembly & Decorating, the automotive industry is an important segment of our customer base. We have successfully taken on a variety of high volume automotive projects - plastic parts and components for Ford, GM, and Honda, to name a few. We are able to pad print, screen print or hot stamp on most automotive plastics and a variety of surface types including flat, multi-sided and round or curved surfaces. Nylon is a common material used in the industry, and we have a great deal of experience in printing on this and many other more challenging plastics.

By maintaining our certification to ISO 9001:2015, we show our automotive printing customers that we monitor every aspect of our business and the product decorating and printing processes. While our ISO certification is beneficial to all aspects of our business, it is particularly important for automotive pad printing projects since ISO certification is now a minimum requirement of all automotive suppliers. Our quality system is designed to ensure that each automotive printing and decorating project is properly managed from providing a quote, to the time your parts arrive at our dock, and until they are shipped from our facility.



Examples of automotive components and parts we are able to print on, hot stamp or decorate include:

  •  Cup Holders
  •  Door Handles
  •  Dashboard Components
  •  Knobs
  •  Center Console Components
  •  Indicator Parts
  •  Plastic Automotive Parts
  •  Automotive Electronics Plastics

"This is the 2nd position in my career working with Unique Assembly & Decorating, and I have found that Unique is one of best suppliers to have worked with in both. In my dealings with Unique, I have found a personal attentiveness and focus that very few suppliers today have the ability to provide. They have gotten both companies I have worked for out of many a jam."

Dan - Purchasing, Product Manufacturer