Screen Printing on Metal

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Screen Printing on Metal Water Bottle

At Unique, we offer the highest quality screen printing on metal products and have the experience to produce a quality result. Whether the part to be screen printed is bare metal, stainless steel, or metal that has been anodized, painted, or powder coated, we perform extensive ink testing to determine proper ink systems and printing processes to meet your specific needs.  

From powder coated water bottles, to anodized machine parts, to metal access panels for industrial equipment and metal back panels for retail electronic equipment, screen printing allows large opaque images with impressive results. We offer both single color and multicolor screen printing when printing on metal; however, for multicolor screen printing a separate pass for each color is required.


Pad Printing on Metal
  • Bare Metal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Metal
  • Painted Metal
  • Powder Coated Metal
  • And More!

We have the equipment and experience to print on many types of metal surfaces, if you are unsure of the best printing option for your project, contact us today to get started.

"From the beginning the staff was highly accommodating offering to review and fully understand our ongoing needs, on-the-spot. Unique stays on track with project unique needs, they handle the proofing process with patience and attention to detail and they stay on schedule. "

Teresa - Director of International Sales, Pharmaceutical Model Manufacturer