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Pad Printing & Decorating on Wood

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Product Printing on Wood Parts

Unique Assembly & Decorating offers the highest quality printing and decorating on wood products. When printing or decorating on wooden products, the challenge can often be the inconsistency of the parts. So, when printing or decorating on wooden substrates, we have to be more creative with the tooling to minimize the effect these larger part tolerances. We have experience printing on baseball bats, cutting boards, wood boxes and other wood parts.  

For wooden parts, the manufacturing processes typically result in much higher larger part tolerances. These larger part tolerances can make image location repeatability and image registration a challenge. We will work with your project requirements to determine which printing or decorating process is right for your project. 

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Printing & Decorating Services:

Need to print your logo onto a wooden part? Unique offers the following services:

  • Pad Printing: Pad printing on wood is a good option for any wood part with curvature, whether it is raised, recessed, concave or convex. If you need a multi-color design, pad printing provides tight tolerances and fine detail. 
  • Screen Printing:  During the screen printing process, an image is transferred directly to a wood part by pressing ink through the image “burned” into a screen. It is an economical option for a flat wood part or a part that requires a single, large image. 
  • Industrial Digital Inkjet Printing: With digital inkjet printing, there are no films, printing plates, clichés or screens, which can lower the cost of your printing. All digital inkjet printing offers 4-color process printing plus white, so this is a good option for multicolor images. 
  • Hot Stamping: This is a cost-effective way to add an image to a part with an impressive appearance. 
  • Heat Transfer Decal Decorating: This is a good option for adding a multi-color image to a wood part. 

Wood Part Product Printing

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