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Custom Precision Fixture Design

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In order to guarantee an image is printed in the correct location on the product, we develop precision fixtures in-house for projects requiring one fixture or multiple fixtures for our automation for higher volume projects. Both simple and creative tooling concepts are designed and manufactured in-house, which allows for decreased tooling cost. This cost savings gives our customers a competitive edge over their competition.

Our precision fixtures are designed to position each part accurately, ensuring exact imprint repeatability and tight registration for multicolor jobs. These tools range from cast and poured epoxy and urethane fixtures to CNC machined aluminum fixtures. Depending on the complexity of the project and the imprint location, we can design the fixtures from a series of precision castings or CAD designs.

Our experience with custom fixture design:

Project Scope

A medical device manufacturer brought a challenging project to us requiring multiple one color images to be printed in multiple locations on one part. The medical device required three, one color images in different locations – the part number in two locations and a company logo in the third.

Our Solution

To meet this challenge, our tooling department designed tooling that interfaces with one our multicolor pad printers. The tooling automatically positions the part during the printing process so that the three different one color images can be applied to three different locations in a single pass. As a result, the single pass printing requires less handling thus lower decorating cost to the customer. So, this customer was able to win this project because of Unique creatively combing a tooling concept with the right piece of equipment.

"Since beginning a relationship with the staff at Unique Assembly & Decorating, our confidence in their ability to perform tasks to our standards and on time have now surpasses our expectations. "