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Custom Rotational Pad Printing

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Rotational Pad Printing

With rotational pad printing, we can pad print a continuous band around small diameter plastic, glass or metal parts, with the capability to handle bulk or large quantity orders. 

Rotary Printing Process

In this process, the printing pad presents the full length of the band to the part. The tooling then automatically spins the part under the pad thus transferring the band onto the round part as it passes under the pad. For maximum ink opacity, the band wraps three times around the part.

Regardless of how difficult a project may seem, Unique Assembly & Decorating works very hard to provide a solution. As an example, we were given a challenge from a large medical component manufacturer to apply a continuous band around a small diameter (.167") medical component. Given the part’s small diameter and the decorating area’s proximity to a raised area, screen printing was not an option. To meet the challenge, we invested in new pad printing equipment and tooling to take on the project.

The equipment can be tooled for projects with similar rotaryl pad printing requirements.

Rotational Pad Printing Video

"Since beginning a relationship with the staff at Unique Assembly & Decorating, our confidence in their ability to perform tasks to our standards and on time have now surpasses our expectations. "

Teresa - Director of International Sales, Pharmaceutical Model Manufacturer