Industrial Digital Inkjet Printing

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Direct to Substrate Printing

Unique Assembly & Decorating now offers industrial digital inkjet product decorating and printing! This cutting-edge product decorating technology is a direct-to-substrate digital inkjet process that features high precision four-color process printing plus white for plastic, glass, wood and metal substrates. 

This four-color process printing allows for virtually limitless color combinations on a product, and the white is bright enough to be used as a spot color or as a base to print on dark surfaces. The process eliminates labels (pressure sensitive or in-mold), films, printing plates, clichés or screens which dramatically lowers setup cost - a huge advantage over traditional printing methods. This printing method is used in a range of industries from medical manufacturers to injection molders.

Digital Inkjet Printing Benefits:

  • Precision 4-color process printing - plus white (bright enough to be used as a spot color or as a base on dark surfaces)
  • Limitless color options for plastic, glass, and metal parts
  • Eliminates the films, screens, and clichés of traditional printing methods
  • Dramatically lowers setup costs
  • Cutting-edge product decorating technology

Unique Assembly and Decorating is a Chicago-based company that offers our digital inkjet pringing services across the United States. Contact our knowledgeable staff to see if digital inkjet printing is right for your project today!



"The glass discs look amazing!! We are so excited. Thank you for all your help in getting the ordering going. We will be placing another order soon!"

Natalie - Owner & Designer, Custom Jewelry