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Pad Printing Multiple Locations 

Using our “carousel” style multicolor pad printers capable of flawless registration and fast production rates, we can print multiple locations of a part in one pass.  With tooling that is designed and built in-house, we can turn or move the parts to print the part in multiple locations. 

You may be wondering: What is an example of Multi-Location Pad Printing? One example is: the circumference of round plastic depth gauge used in cosmetic surgery can be pad printed in one pass or we can print a medical device in four different locations in one pass.  Without this capability, the parts would have to pad printing in multiple passes - thus increasing the decorating cost.  So, the obvious benefit with pad printing a part in multiple locations in one pass is the reduction in decorating cost - giving Unique and our customers a competitive edge.  

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Pad Print Tooling Multiple Images - Multi-Location Pad Printing

Is pad printing the right choice for my plastic part?

Even though we will do the research and legwork to find the best printing solution for your plastic product or part, pad printing may be the right solution for your project if:

  • Your product is a challenging material including Polypropylene or Polyethylene requiring pretreatment or more difficult materials such as Delrin, Acetal or Urea.
  • The decorating area has complex curvature, concave, or convex.
  • The decorating area is raised or recessed.
  • The decorating area is near a vertical wall or vertical obstruction.
  • The image to be printed is multicolor.

Our experienced staff will work with any unique project to find the best, most cost effective solution for your high volume and large quantity printing-on-plastic needs.

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Unique Assembly is able to print or decorate nearly any rigid surface – flat or cylindrical, concave or convex, raised or recessed, and painted or coated surfaces.

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