Screen Printing on Cylindrical Surfaces

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Screen Printing on Round Surfaces

At Unique, we offer the highest quality screen printing on cylindrical surfaces when large wrap around images are required. We offer cylindrical screen printing for flexible and rigid plastic parts.

Cylindrical Products:

At Unique Assembly, we are able to screen print on these cylindrical products:

  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Syringes
  • Vases

We can not only screen print on plain surfaces, but also those that are powder coated or painted, resulting in brilliant opaque images.  

For rigid cylindrical parts, we use simple screen print tooling. However, for flexible bottles and jars, we use air inflate assisted tooling to make these flexible parts rigid during the screen printing process. We offer both single color and multicolor screen printing for cylindrical surfaces.    

For more information about screen printing on bottles and other cylindrical surfaces, contact Unique Assembly today!


"Unique is professional, responsive, and provides unmatched imprinting capabilities. Large or small volume, they always give your project the utmost attention. Keep up the outstanding work. "

Karl - Owner, Promotional Product Supplier