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Pad Printing on Wood

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Pad Printing on WoodOur ISO 9001:2015 certified facility provides the highest quality pad printing on wood items. When pad printing on wooden products, the challenge can often be the inconsistency of the parts. For example, unlike plastic injection mold parts with part tolerances of .005” to .010”, the manufacturing processes for wooden products typically result in much larger part tolerances. These larger part tolerances can make image location repeatability and image registration a challenge. For pad printing on wood projects, we have the in-house capabilities to be very creative with the fixturing to neutralize these larger part tolerances and produce a great result. We offer both single color and multicolor when pad printing on wood providing the finest detail and tightest tolerances.  

Is pad printing the right choice for my wood part?

Pad printing may be a good option if:

  • The decorating area is either raised or recessed
  • The part has complete curvature, concave, or convex
  • The project requires a multicolor image

 Wood Pad Printing

If this sounds like the right printing option for your wooden part, or you'd like to ask us more questions, contact us today.

"Since starting with Unique a few years ago, we have accomplished completion of 30+ projects with various magnitude of complexity. We have been consistently pleased with the outcome. When there was concern about the final product, Unique went out of their way to ensure satisfaction in the end. Whenever we need printed material processed efficiently, quickly and affordably, we turn to Unique. "

Teresa - Director of International Sales, Pharmaceutical Model Manufacturer