Screen Printing on Flat Surfaces

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Screen Printing on Flat Surface

We have the facility, equipment and experience to screen print on practically any rigid product with a flat surface. We offer both single color and multicolor screen printing for flat surfaces; however, for multicolor screen printing a separate pass for each color is required. 

Flat Surface Parts

Flat surfaces we have screen printed on include:

  • Large plastic signage
  • Metal access panels
  • Glass safety signs

Having years of experience screen printing flat parts for various industries such as commercial, OEM, Automotive and industrial buildings, we have had success in pad printing opaque images on these parts. Our ink options provide many available  choices, to ensure we find the right ink for you project that will provide outstanding ink adhesion results and impressive opaque contrasting colors.   

"This is the 2nd position in my career working with Unique Assembly & Decorating, and I have found that Unique is one of best suppliers to have worked with in both. In my dealings with Unique, I have found a personal attentiveness and focus that very few suppliers today have the ability to provide. They have gotten both companies I have worked for out of many a jam."

Dan - Purchasing, Product Manufacturer