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UV Screen Printing

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Screen Printing with UV Ink

In additional to traditional screen printing with conventional inks, Unique offers UV screen printing services.  With UV screen printing, once the printed part is exposed to the UV light source, the ink is instantly cured.   With the inks being instantly cured, we can perform ink-to-part testing and image quality inspections and repack the parts on-line for instant quality control results and reduced labor costs.  We can screen print both flat and cylindrical parts with UV ink in one color and multicolor.  However, for multicolor images, a separate pass is required for each color.

For more information about UV screen printing and how it can serve your project, contact Unique Assembly & Decorating today!

"I just wanted you to know that our client received the printed bottle openers and loved them. Thanks for your quick work, quality imprinting, and everyone's great attitude. "

Steve - Vice President of Business Development, Promotional Product Distributor