Cylindrical Pad Printing

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We offer the highest quality pad printing on round and cylindrical surfaces such as plastic bottles, glass jars or vases. When large wrap around images are not required -- meaning, as a general rule, approximately 25% of a circumference can be pad printed with standard vertical pad printing without the image distorting, pad printing is a great option.

When printing on cylindrical and round parts, this translates to pad printing on one side of the cylindrical product. For rigid cylindrical parts such as glass tubes or glass bottles, we use simple casted tooling. However, for flexible plastic bottles and jars, we use air-inflate assisted tooling to make these flexible parts rigid during the pad printing process. 

Depending on your project requirements we offer both single color and multicolor pad printing for cylindrical surfaces. We have a vast array of inks that we will test on your cylindrical product to find the best option for your project.

Is pad printing is the right choice for my cylindrical part?

Even though we will do the research and legwork to find the best printing solution for your cylindrical part, pad printing may be the right solution for your project if:

  • Your cylinder is rigid or flexible – we can create tooling for either scenario. 
  • Your multi-color image needs to be transferred in one pass. Unlike screen printing that each color requires a separate pass.

If you are unsure of what product printing you need just give us a call or send us a message, we are here to help you select the best most cost-effective solution.

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