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Painted & Coated Surface Printing

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Product Printing for Painted Surface

Whether challenged with a powder coated access panel, an anodized aluminum baseball bat, a plastic part with UV coating or a painted glass perfume bottle, at Unique we have the experience to decorate practically any painted or coated rigid plastic, glass or metal part.

As part of the quoting process, we ask our customers to send us parts for testing. This testing is performed to confirm that we are matching the correct pad printing ink, screen printing ink, industrial digital inkjet printing ink, hot stamp foil or heat transfer decal with the part. Also, this testing determines whether any additional pretreatment or post-treatment process is required to get the best results. Often we are not dealing with the manufacturer of the part, so our customer may not know the part material or whether it has a part that has been painted or coated. In these cases, this testing process is too vital to ensure we are using the proper process, ink, foil or heat transfer decal and if any pre- or post-treatments are required to achieve the best results – especially if the part has been painted or coated.

Armed with the knowledge gained from more than 20 years of product decorating experience, we work very closely with the leading pad printing and screen printing ink suppliers, hot stamping foil suppliers and heat transfer decal suppliers. These suppliers work hard to provide us the highest quality inks, foils and heat transfer decals for the highest image quality and adhesion to any part, including those with painted or coated finishes.

Painted & coated surface printing & decorating options:

Painted Surface Pad Printing

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