Concave & Convex Surface Printing

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Product Printing for Convex Surface

Printing on concave, convex or even multi-level surfaces is no problem at Unique Assembly & Decorating. While it is certainly possible to use other product decorating methods for these complex surfaces, pad printing will most often provide the best results. With pad printing, we are able to print a variety of curved surfaces and multi-level surfaces with little distortion of the printed image. 

Why Pad Printing?

Customers who are unfamiliar with pad printing often assume the image to be printed is molded on the printing pad like a rubber stamp used to mark a piece of paper -- but it is not. The process is more accurately called transfer pad printing or pad transfer printing, a much better description of the process because the printing pad transfers the image from the printing plate to the part. The unique properties of the silicone pad enable us lift the image from a flat printing plate and then transfer it to a variety of surfaces such as flat, cylindrical, textured, multi-level, concave, and convex surfaces with little image distortion. 

While there will be some image size and image location restrictions depending on the severity of the part’s curvature or change in levels, from single color to 4-color process images our team will determine the correct pad printing solution for these difficult surfaces.

"From the beginning the staff was highly accommodating offering to review and fully understand our ongoing needs, on-the-spot. Unique stays on track with project unique needs, they handle the proofing process with patience and attention to detail and they stay on schedule. "