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Printing on Cycoloy

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Unique Assembly & Decorating is the leading provider of product decorating services for rigid plastic products, including those made of Cycoloy® Resins. With our over 25 years of experience, we provide the best quality results in a wide range of printing and decorating services. We have an expertly trained staff and an ISO 9008:2001 quality management system to ensure quality at every level of the printing process.  Let us assist you with your project requiring printing on Cycoloy parts.

Cycoloy—What Is It?

Cycoloy® Resins are Amorphous PC/ABS blends. Depending on your needs, Cycoloy® offers a full range of resins. These resins have excellent processability, superior mechanical properties and good heat resistance. Additionally, Cycoloy® has excellent UV stability, high impact resistance, chrome plating application and good paint and foam adhesion.

Frequently used with a metal layer, this material offers extremely low stress and superior adhesion qualities. Plating plastic components avoids the expense of secondary operations including milling and polishing. They also help companies like automakers easily incorporate jewel-bright chrome details into their designs. Cycoloy® is also a lightweight plastic that helps with improved fuel economy when used in automotive applications.

Printing on Cycoloy

At Unique, we provide printing and decorating services to companies all over the United States.   We work with each customer to determine a printing or decorating solution for your Cycoloy® products.  Our printing and decorating processes ensure excellent adhesion.

  • Pad printing: Achieves extremely fine detail and tight multicolor registration.
  • Screen printing: The most economical choice for projects that have a single, large image. This process produces very opaque images.
  • Hot Stamping:  Works well for single color images producing very opaque and high gloss images. 

At Unique Assembly & Decorating, we offer value-added services including in-house color matching, in-house plate making and fixture design for single color and multicolor jobs. We work with a range of customers including contract manufacturers, OEMs, injection molders and product manufacturers serving a variety of industries. Our printing services include:

Our wide range of decorating services includes hot stamping/foil stamping, foil banding, heat transfer decal decorating and colorization/hologramming.

Where It Is Typically Used

Cycoloy® works well in automotive, telecommunications and business machine housing industries. These resins also work well for appliances and electrical applications. Examples include:

Pad Printing on Ski Bindings

  • Washing & Dyer machine parts
  • Microwave oven parts
  • Automotive knobs
  • Instrument panels
  • Dashboard components
  • Pillar trims
  • Lap-tops & Desktop internal parts and enclosures
  • Computers
  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Lotters
  • Monitors
  • Mobile telephone housing
  • Injection molded electronic enclosures
  • Electric meter covers and cases
  • Domestic switches
  • Plugs and sockets
  • Extruded conduits

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