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We have the capabilities to work with companies across the US and are excited to work with you on your upcoming project!
We are located in in Downers Grove, Illinois where it is currently 4:21 am.

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  • "Unique’s creativity and commitment to your customers has and will always be your trademark. I am very proud to have work with you along the way. "

    David – Director of Technical Services, Packaging Supplier

  • "I would like to personally thank you all for helping to ensure the customized glasses arrived on time for this amazing event. Please let everyone at Unique know that the pad printed logo is truly is one of the best. "

    Joseph - Founder, Shatterproof Glassware Manufacturer

  • "Unique has been a great find and an outstanding partner for our pad printing needs."

    Brant – Founder & CEO, Dental Products Manufacturer

  • "From the beginning the staff was highly accommodating offering to review and fully understand our ongoing needs, on-the-spot. Unique stays on track with project unique needs, they handle the proofing process with patience and attention to detail and they stay on schedule. "

    Teresa - Director of International Sales, Pharmaceutical Model Manufacturer

  • "The quality of the imprint on our recent lap desk pad print project was great! Thank you for accommodating our tight timeline, being responsive and the wonderful customer service."

    Amy – Operations Specialist, Marketing Company

  • "The glass bottles not only arrived safely and one time, but they were the hit of the party! The screen printed image looked really great. Thank you very much for making this happen. I look forward to doing more business with Unique. "

    Robert - Owner, Chicago Brewery

  • "I have more products for pad printing! I really love the work that you guys have done for the eye shadow and blush palettes. "

    Robin - Owner / President, Cosmetics Company

  • "I just wanted you to know that our client received the printed bottle openers and loved them. Thanks for your quick work, quality imprinting, and everyone's great attitude. "

    Steve - Vice President of Business Development, Promotional Product Distributor

  • "John Deere is always very challenging to work with but from my experience with Unique and with others in your industry, your processes are second to none. I don't know of any of your competitors who have the attention to detail that your group has demonstrated. I have not done a lot of projects with Unique, but those that we have done have produced excellent results."

    Naomi - Project Managaer, Promotional Product Distributor

  • "Since beginning a relationship with the staff at Unique Assembly & Decorating, our confidence in their ability to perform tasks to our standards and on time have now surpasses our expectations. "

    Teresa - Director of International Sales, Pharmaceutical Model Manufacturer

  • "I just wanted to say thank you. It was a pleasure to work with all of you and the bottles look AMAZING!!! Can't wait to share them with the public. I look forward to doing more business again soon!"

    Mia - Owner / President, Specialty Product Distributor

  • "I saw the printed parts while waiting to board the plane. They ROCK! This is exactly what we needed to show potential customers! You guys crushed it! "

    Mark – Owner, Product Inventor / Manufacturer

  • "The glass discs look amazing!! We are so excited. Thank you for all your help in getting the ordering going. We will be placing another order soon!"

    Natalie - Owner & Designer, Custom Jewelry

  • "Since starting with Unique a few years ago, we have accomplished completion of 30+ projects with various magnitude of complexity. We have been consistently pleased with the outcome. When there was concern about the final product, Unique went out of their way to ensure satisfaction in the end. Whenever we need printed material processed efficiently, quickly and affordably, we turn to Unique. "

    Teresa - Director of International Sales, Pharmaceutical Model Manufacturer

  • "I received the decorated sample of the Budweiser Nike sunglasses today – they look great! We will be following up with a PO in the coming weeks."

    Adrienne - Customer Service Representative, Promotional Product Distributor

  • "They loved the Bella Blender – you did a great job. I should have the order on Monday! Thanks again!"

    Kelly - Owner / President, Promotional Product Distributor

  • "Often things are best explained when they are simply put. I can rely on Unique Assembly and Decorating with certainty and that felling is … priceless!"

    Teresa - Director of International Sales, Pharmaceutical Model Manufacturer

  • "I got the drink cans back today and I just wanted to let you know that the placement of the artwork was perfect, the fixture worked perfectly and the colors look great. I am all smiles "

    Kristi - Owner / President, Toy Designer

  • "Thanks for the swift response and the quote. By the way, we were blown away at the quality of your work on the last project!"

    Justin – Electronic Payment Device Manufacturer

  • "Unique is professional, responsive, and provides unmatched imprinting capabilities. Large or small volume, they always give your project the utmost attention. Keep up the outstanding work."

    Karl - Owner, Promotional Product Supplier

  • "This is the 2nd position in my career working with Unique Assembly & Decorating, and I have found that Unique is one of best suppliers to have worked with in both. In my dealings with Unique, I have found a personal attentiveness and focus that very few suppliers today have the ability to provide. They have gotten both companies I have worked for out of many a jam."

    Dan - Purchasing, Product Manufacturer

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Unique for a number of years now and have found your service and quality to be top notch. Unique has made every effort to meet our demands and has addressed issues in a timely manner. I wish you much success in the next 20 years. "

    Kathy - Purchasing, Medical Product Manufacturer

  • "My contacts over at Google loved the pad printed Headphone stands – the multicolor Google logo really turned out great. "

    Dean – Owner, Advertising Specialty Distributor

"On the behalf of everyone, we wanted to thank you for all your help in managing our purchase of the printed CAC Card Readers. They turned out great. Thanks again for your services and our company looks forward to future business with you. "

Steffie – Technology Transfer Company