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Unique offers the highest quality in multicolor pad printing services. We have thirteen in-line multicolor pad printing machines capable of pad printing complex images with tight registration, gradients, and half tones for nearly any rigid material type or shape, and for large quantity or bulk orders. With this equipment and our expert staff, we’ve successfully taken on projects for the NFL, NBA and MLB, pharmaceutical companies, toy manufacturers and major food distributors.

Unique offers not only the highest quality in multicolor pad printing, but, given the large number of multicolor pad printers that we operate, we can produce large quantity or high volume orders of multicolor pad printed parts as well. We have nine of the highest quality multicolor “carousel” style pad printers capable of flawless registration and fast production rates. With this equipment, we have successfully printed complex images with tight registration, gradients, and half tones for many clients.

Advantages of Multi-Color Pad Printing:

Since these multicolor pad printers can print up to 5-color spot or 4-color process images in-line, we can produce multicolor images with one set-up. The obvious benefits are perfect registration and less press time. These multicolor pad printers are ideal for small or large volume projects, making multicolor pad printing affordable regardless of the project’s size, and allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality multicolor images at an affordable price and quick turnaround time.

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"I got the drink cans back today and I just wanted to let you know that the placement of the artwork was perfect, the fixture worked perfectly and the colors look great. I am all smiles "

Kristi - President / Owner, Toy Designer