Multicolor Screen Printing

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Screen Printing on Cylindrical Surface

Multi-color screen printing is one of our specialties at Unique Assembly & Decorating. We offer multicolor screen printing services for both flat and cylindrical parts and have the ability to screen print up to four colors.

While a separate pass is required for each color, we design and build custom to tooling in-house for each project to ensure good color to color registration.  

Mutlicolor Screen Printing Guidelines:

Not sure when to select multicolor screen printing? Here are a few guidelines for choosing this printing method:

  • Your image has more than one color.
  • Your part is cylindrical in shape.
  • Your part has a flat surface. 

If you are interested in 4-color screen printing from Unique Assembly, contact us today! We will recommend the most cost-effective solution for your project.

"They loved the Bella Blender – you did a great job. I should have the order on Monday! Thanks again!"

Kelly - Owner / President, Promotional Product Distributor