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Health & Cosmetic Product Pad Printing

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To properly serve the ever-changing and challenging needs of the health & beauty / personal care industry, we employ all of our product printing and decorating services. Regardless of a project’s size or requirements, Unique will provide the best and most cost effective solution to your product decorating needs.

We have experience with pad printed cylindrical bottles and waisted bottles when screen printing or pressure sensitive labeling was not an option; we have screen printed plastic bottles using semi-automatic screen printers for small projects and high speed screen printers for millions of bottles and jars; and we’ve used hot stamping and foil banding to provide the high-end appeal of metallic colors that standard pad printing or screen printing inks simply cannot do.



Health & Beauty Products

Unique Assembly & Decorating is able to offer printing methods for the following containers:

  • Cosmetic Bottles
  • Perfume Bottles
  • Mascara Tubes
  • Nail polish Containers
  • Lotion Containers
  • Cosmetic Tottles (Tubes + Bottles)

Regardless of a project’s size or requirements, having a full menu of product decorating services enables Unique to provide the best solution to your product decorating needs. Contact us today to find the right solution for your cosmetic container printing needs.

"I have more products for pad printing! I really love the work that you guys have done for the eye shadow and blush palettes. "

Robin - Owner / Operator, Cosmetics Company