Pad Printing on Metal Surfaces

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Pad printing is one of Unique Assembly & Decorating's areas of expertise and may be the perfect printing solution for your metal product. Whether the part to be pad printed is bare metal, stainless steel or metal that has been anodized, painted or powder coated, pad printing is a versatile option. To find the best solution for your project we perform extensive ink testing to determine proper ink systems and printing processes to meet your pad printing on metal needs.  


Pad Printing on Metal
  • Bare Metal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Metal
  • Painted Metal
  • Powder Coated Metal
  • And More!

We offer both single color and multicolor pad printing when printing on metal parts. For printing on smaller metal parts with smaller image size requirements, pad printing is often the most cost-effective method. Unique Assembly & Decorating has worked with many metal parts to successfully pad print single or multicolor images.

Is pad printing the right choice for my metal part?

Pad printing on your metal product may be the right option if:

  • The decorating area is raised or recessed
  • The decorating area is near a vertical wall or vertical obstruction
  • The decorating area is concave or convex 
  • The image to be printed is multicolor
  • The metal part has multiple print areas -- not on a single plane

Our experienced staff will help you find the right printing option for your project, taking into consideration all of your needs. Specializing in high volume and large quantity orders, let's get started on your project today. 

"Since beginning a relationship with the staff at Unique Assembly & Decorating, our confidence in their ability to perform tasks to our standards and on time have now surpasses our expectations. "