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Pad Printing on Flat Surfaces

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Pad Printing on Flat Surface

At Unique Assembly & Decorating, we offer the highest quality pad printing on flat surfaces for nearly any plastic, glass or metal part where large images are not required. Our pad printing capabilities include up to 5.0" diameter printing area. For projects requiring larger images, we recommend screen printing as the better option.

When using standard sealed cup pad printing, which is what Unique Assembly uses, the maximum size is dictated by the size of the ink cup; we have machines capable of pad printing up to 5.0" in diameter. When these smaller image sizes are required, pad printing can be a very effective solution on flat products. We offer both single color and multicolor pad printing for these flat surfaces.

Is pad printing the right choice for my product with a flat surface?

If any of these match your project needs then pad printing may be the right choice:

  • Your printing area is flat.
  • Your product is plastic, glass, wood, metal or ceramic material.
  • Your product needs an image printed no larger than 5.0" in diameter.

If you think this sounds like the right printing solution for your flat surface product, reach out to us today or request a quote online. If you are unsure of the right printing solution for your project, we can help, contact us today.

Flat Surface Pad Printing Pad Printing on Flat Surfaces

"I have more products for pad printing! I really love the work that you guys have done for the eye shadow and blush palettes. "

Robin - Owner / President, Cosmetics Company