Custom Foil Banding

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foil- banding-metallic-gold-plastic-cap.jpg Foil Banding, Metallic Gold, Plastic Cap

Responding to the needs of these customers beyond our pad printing, screen printing and hot stamping product decorating services, we also offer foil banding. With foil banding, we are able to decorate virtually any shaped plastic cap, closure, collar or dispenser shroud with an impressive, high-end appearing reflective metallic foil or a high gloss opaque colored foil which is not achievable with pad printing or screen printing inks. For many years, we have served the Health & Beauty / Personal Care Industry and delivered quality products decorated with our foil banding services.

What is foil banding?

Foil banding uses automatic hot stamping equipment that enables us to apply up to an 1/8” wide foil band (typically metallic silver or metallic gold) 360° around the perimeter of practically any shaped plastic cap, closure, collar, and dispenser shroud. With this automatic equipment, we are also able to cycle at extremely high rates for low cost decorating.

We specialize in reviewing your project needs to find the most cost-effective printing or decorating solution for you. Specializing in large volume projects, we have the experience to handle even the most unique of projects. Let's get started today.


foil-banding-silver-metallic-foil-square-plastic-cap.jpg Foil Banding, Silver Metallic Foil, Square Plastic Cap

foil-banding-silver-metallic-foil-plastic-cap.jpg Foil Banding, Silver Metallic Foil, Plastic Cap

"Unique’s creativity and commitment to your customers has and will always be your trademark. I am very proud to have work with you along the way. "

David – Director of Technical Services, Packaging Supplier