Cannabis & CBD Package Printing

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Unique proudly serves the cannabis and CBD packaging industries. This includes printing options for a variety of packaging for medicinal cannabis, CBD oils, & other products such as hemp oil jars, e liquid bottles, elixir droppers and more.

Regardless of a project’s size or requirements, Unique will provide the best and most cost-effective solution to your product decorating needs. We work with product packaging manufacturers, distributors, labs, dispensaries and private label entrepreneurs looking for a knowledgeable cannabis package printing company.  With over 26 years of experience, we can provide quality product decorating for the cannabis and CBD packaging industries.

Print Directly on Parts & Avoid Labeling

To serve the CBD, Hemp and Cannabis industry, we have several printing options: screen printing, hot stamping, and pad printing. 

For plastic or glass cylindrical bottles and jars, we typically offer screen printing using semi-automatic screen printers for small and large projects. When screen printing is not an option we also offer single color and multicolor pad printing for various plastic lids, jars, and bottles; additionally, we offer the same options for glass bottles, jars, pipes, and cartridges.

Lastly, we offer hot stamping for lids and foil banding for closures to provide the high-end appeal of reflective metallic colors that standard pad printing or screen printing inks simply cannot do.


Printing on Cannabis Packaging Products


  • CBD Bottle Printing
  • CBD Capsule Jar Printing
  • Glass Droppers
  • Graduated Droppers
  • Boston Round Bottles
  • Child Proof & Resistant Temper Evident Caps
  • Pharmaceutical Jars
  • Glass Tincture Bottles
  • Plastic Display Jars
  • Glass Pipes
  • Glass Vape Capsules & Cartridges


Reach out to us today to discuss your project and let us help you determine the best and most cost effective printing solution for your product decorating needs. 

"There has been good feedback on the quality of the printing!! 'Crisp and Clear' which is a welcome change to our experience over the last two years with our previous vendor."

Mike – Senior Buyer, Electronic / Medical Device Manufacturer